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HVAC Rebates from TECH Clean California

Tech Clean California Presents: Rebates on HVAC Equipment

You can save money on a new HVAC system thanks to rebates and discounts provided by tech Clean California. The beginning date of this incentive programme is December 7, 2021, and it will run until all allocated money are spent. Home Upgrade Specialist will assist homeowners in finding a new heat pump system that satisfies the criteria of the incentive programme.

HVAC Rebates from TECH Clean California

To what end does the Clean California Technology Initiative (TECH) Rebate Program work?

The state of California has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2045. The California State Senate has approved funding of $120.0 million to support a programme that will help accomplish this. The initiative’s major goal is to speed up the transition to more eco-friendly home comfort technologies, such as heat pump systems. If the concept of a heat pump is foreign to you, read on.

As an incentive for households to make the switch to a system that is more energy-efficient and uses a cleaner fuel source, the tech Clean California programme will mail you a cheque for up to $3,000 if you have a qualifying installation. The state of California is responsible for implementing and managing this initiative. After your heat pump installation happens to be complete, all you have to do to submit your refund request is fill out a brief online form. The best news is that our Home Upgrade Specialist team is well-versed on HVAC rebates and can help you enroll by verifying that your new system meets all requirements and guiding you through the enrollment process.

Goodman Heat Pump: Your reliable choice for efficient heating and cooling solutions.
Why Should You Consider a Heat Pump and What Is It?

There is one type of HVAC system called a heat pump that can do the work of both an air conditioner and a heater. Many heat pumps are visually confusing, as they resemble an air conditioner. The difference is in the contents of the box!

Heat pumps can’t function without electrical power. To replace your current boiler, which is likely fueled by natural gas, you can install a heat pump instead. The combustion of petrol in a heating system releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere. It’s not a lot, but when multiplied by California’s massive population, it adds up to quite a bit over the course of a year. To top it all off, our residential heating has emerged as a major contributor to the release of greenhouse gases. This is why California is pressuring homeowners to switch to electric power.

One of the strongest arguments in favour of the switch is the heat pump’s potential dual role as a chiller. The mild winters and mild summers mean that central heating systems are often all that’s needed in California homes, rather than supplemental air conditioning. However, it would be great to have the option available on those particularly hot days.

Even more so if you already have central air conditioning, as you will be consolidating two separate systems into one. Because a heat pump can function as both an air conditioner and a boiler, it can reduce the number of times you need repairs and maintenance done on your home.

A brand-new heat pump facility has been set up in the San Fernando Valley

Home Upgrade Specialist can provide you a comprehensive breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of installing a heat pump in your home. The tech Clean California programme is only one of many rebate possibilities available to residents of the San Fernando Valley, and we would be contented to inform you of all of them. Packaged units, split systems, and mini-split heat pumps are all within our team’s expertise. You can count on us to help you choose a heat pump that is just right for your home based on how much heat and cooling power you need. Our friendly team will provide you with numerous heat pump unit options to choose from so you can find the best fit for your needs and budget. In addition, we can help you secure heat pump financing if that’s something you’re thinking about. Feel free to get in touch with us for a free price quote.

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